Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fair and Home

Zoie got to spend Saturday with Pappa Brad and Grandma Lori at the Elma fair. As you can see she had a very good time. I miss that were not able to take her to things like that right now but its way too risky to take Raygen out, especially to a fair. But Randy and I got to spend a good day at home with Raygen. Were practicing sitting up and holding our head in the pic. She is doing so well. I'm so nervous for tomorrow. Please pray for Raygen tomorrow. Please pray that the gastric emptying study goes smoothly and that I am able to replace her feeding tube quickly. Please pray that she only has to be poked one time for her blood draw. I'm so nervous. I hate taking Raygen to hospitals and I hate test and blood draws. It brings back so many memories and the worst part is I have no choice. I know soon we will have to take our baby back to Children's and go through everything all over again. When your baby is at a hospital it's so hard because you don't get to be their parent, not like at home. You give up a sense of control and it is all so scary. God, please give us strength, trust, and patience and Lord please protect our children. Not only does Raygen go through so much but so does Zoie. It's hard being a big sister to a heart baby and it tears me up to see both my children suffer. I will update on Tuesday with how tomorrow goes and the results to her test. Thank you all for all your support.


  1. Hey sweetheart. We are praying. I know you are nervous about tomorrow. 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety (cares/fear) on Him because He cares for you." We will pray and lift all of you up. God has her in His tender care. We love you all!!


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