Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Bird Arrived

Thank you Grandma Lori for my new favorite toy :) also a big thank you to Grandma Dorothy for our cute duck shirts. I hope this isn't the only time I can get her and Zoie in matching shirts but I'm thinking it wont happen often if Zoie has her way. We had a good day. We had a good weight gain and a couple good naps. I called the doctor to double check on some lumps she has on her legs from her shots and they said it was normal and to just keep an eye on them. I know her legs bother her. Besides getting normal baby shots in her legs she gets two shots everyday for her blood clots. Never in my life did I think I would be able to give a baby a shot, let alone my baby. Through all this I have learned to do things I never thought possible. I can give shots, change feeding tubes and change a trach. I could be a nurse after all this, but I'm happy just being Raygen's nurse. I just have thank God for a wonderful day and pray for another one.

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